About Atop Technology

Atop Technology B.V. is owned by Dinant Scheggetman. The company is located in Laren, in the Netherlands. Dinant Scheggetman has worked as an RMO driver for a long time. As no other, he knows all ins and outs of this branche.

Besides, Dinant is owner and founder of Atop Recyling . Atop Recyling is a specialist in breaking up rubble. Demolition work, haulage, earth moving and storage/container service are activities that can also easily be entrusted to Atop Recycling. If you would like to know more about Atop Recyling, you can take a look at the following internetsite: www.atoprecycling.nl.

Dinant has a passion for technology and, from childhood onwards, he has always been tinkering. One of his projects was the construction of a sled for tractor pulling. This sled has frequently been used in the Dutch tractor pulling competition. Recently, Dinant manufactured a second sled which is also being used in the tractor pulling sport.



Good service is essential for the success of the entrepreneur. Food needs to be hauled in time and during 24 hours a day. From Atop Technology you can expect maximal commitment. Problems are adequately solved and stagnation is limited to a minimum. Because interferences can be read from the Atop Loading System’s display, our service department can usually solve the problem from a distance. This saves waiting time.

Contact Atop Techniek b.v.

visiting address
Levenkamp 5
7245 RK Laren

Dinant Scheggetman
+31 6 5357 8512