New flexible unit: the innovative solution for RMO and INTRA in milk collection

Our recently developed Atop Flexible Loading Unit is a very innovative pump unit equipped with 380 Volts Volume Measurement Equipment.  Through a quick change system, the unit is linked to the milk tanker truck. This enables you to use the milk tanker truck for both milk collection as well as for milk transport.

Because of the interchangeability of the unit, the logistics of milk collection are considerably strengthened. Collection and transport are two separated logistic flows each using different equipment. Collection vehicles are special tanker trucks that are provided with pump equipment whilst Transport vehicles are bulk tanker trucks. Nowadays, Collection vehicles return empty after the milk purchaser delivered the milk at the milk processing plant. Simultaneously, Transport vehicles might leave the milk processing plant to drive the same route as the Collection vehicles do.

Through the use of the Flexible Loading Unit, a milk collection tanker can easily and quickly be transformed into a milk transport tanker. The tanker truck with the linked unit is very well suited for collection activities whilst removal of the linked unit results in a tanker truck which is optimal for transport. This unique combination of collection and transport creates the opportunity to organise your work in a more efficient and cost effective way.

By using the Atop Loading System you can save on maintenance costs. Furthermore, you can count on a high reliability. Due to the use of high quality equipment and the simplicity of the system, the Atop Flexible Unit is very reliable. In fact, what’s not in the system can also not break down. The display shows the complete process control as well as the occurrence of a technical breakdown. Therefore, problems can usually be solved from a distance which prevents stagnation of your equipment. The pump system components are easily accessible through the use of removable housing. Therefore, service can easily and quickly be accomplished. Since the unit, the tank trailer and the truck are interchangeable, maintenance can be performed at any desired moment. After all, it is not necessary to get the complete tanker truck to a full stop for each maintenance job. This will, in turn, create extra time. 






Social responsible entrepreneurship

The Atop Flexible Loading Unit enables you to perform both RMO and INTRA work with one vehicle. In this way, a lot of useless and environmentally harmful  kilometres are prevented. As a result, the following environmental benefits will be gained:

  • Less CO2 emission
  • Less NOx emission
  • Less PM10 emission
  • Less noise mapping


  • Use of the milk tanker truck for both milk collection as well as for milk transport
  • Logistic opportunities / cost-effective / more efficiency
  • Makes gradually investment in the stock of cars possible
  • Low weight
  • Service can easily and quickly be accomplished through the use of removable housing
  • High pump capacity ,up to 1700 litres per minute
  • Compactly and simply built
  • Very quiet
  • Clear information display for process control
  • Easy to operate
  • Interferences can usually be solved from a distance
  • Driver friendly system
  • Low maintenance costs, high reliability