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Atop Loading System, the innovative milk collection pump equipment

Our recently developed Atop Loading System is an independent unit which is equipped with a 380 Volts Volume Measurement Equipment. This pump unit is designed to collect milk at the dairy farmer and fulfils the toughest requirements regarding food transport, hygiene and food safety.

The Atop Loading System is known for its driver friendliness. The pump system is easy to operate and it hardly produces any noise. The display of the Atop PLC shows clear information about the continuation of the process.

By using the Atop Loading System you can save on maintenance costs. Furthermore, you can count on a high reliability. Due to the use of high quality equipment and the simplicity of the system, the Atop Loading System is very reliable. In fact, what’s not in the system can also not break down. Besides the complete process control, the display of the Atop PLC shows the occurrence of a technical breakdown. Therefore, problems can usually be solved from a distance. Of course, our service department is happy to provide this service to you.






Operation of the Atop Loading System

Using a pneumatically-driven pipe roll, the pump system is easily connected to the milk cooling tank. The milk is then drawn towards the Atop Loading System’s air separator by a vacuum pump which is completely made of stainless steel. Once the milk flow is set in motion, the special stainless steel centrifugal pump ensures the continuous high pump capacity.

Thanks to the Atop PLC handling, the pump process is completely automated and optimized. The touchscreen display clearly shows the progress of the milk intake cycle. In case of exceptional situations or emergencies, the pump can also be handled manually.

The pump equipment is supplied with an advanced system for data processing. Data such as the exact quantity of milk and the milk temperature are accurately registered. In addition, a GPS receiver automatically recognises the dairy farm after which data transfer equipment communicates information to the milk processing industry. 


  • High pump capacity, up to 1700 litres per minute
  • Compactly en simply built
  • Low weight
  • Easy to operate
  • Very quiet
  • Clear information display for process control
  • Interferences can usually be solved from a distance
  • Driver-friendly system
  • Low maintenance costs
  • High reliability