Milk transport: Atop Technology’s specialism

An important part of the milk transport is executed by a milk collection tanker. This milk tanker truck is used to haul milk from farm to processor. The transport of milk and semi-finished milk products between different dairy industries is a different logistic chain.

Atop Technology is your partner in milk collection and milk transport. We have a lot of knowledge and experience at our disposal. During the past years we designed the Atop Loading System and the Atop Flexible Loading Unit. This well thought-out equipment offers great benefits concerning sustainability and efficiency. 

Atop Loading System

The Atop Loading System is an electrically-driven, driver friendly milk collection pump system. Through its compact size, the equipment can easily be incorporated in the milk receiver of the trailer. The pump system has a continuous high capacity, is easy to operate and is also very quiet. The display of the Atop PLC shows clear information about the continuation of the process. Using the Atop Loading System has some other advantages such as a higher reliability for your business. Furthermore, the maintenance costs of the system are low and therefore you can save a lot of money.

Flexible Loading Unit

Our recently developed Atop Flexible Loading Unit is a very innovative pump unit equipped with 380 Volts Volume Measurement Equipment. Through a quick change system, the unit is linked to the milk tanker truck. This enables you to use the milk tanker truck for both milk collection as well as for milk transport.

Complete packet

With us you can count on client specific solutions. We can deliver a complete RMO system consisting of the Atop Loading System combined with a trailer. If you prefer to only have the Atop Loading System or the Atop Flexible Loading Unit, we are also at your service. Of course, we can also incorporate the Atop Loading System in your existing trailer. We are happy to serve you!